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Section 2 - Orientation

A solid employee orientation is the first step to ensuring you are able to retain the person on whom you have just spent time, energy and money to hire. Provide adequate orientation and training for new employees. We also recommend creating an employee handbook of policies that cover matters such as:

  • probationary periods (if applicable to student role)
  • absence
  • vacation
  • discipline
  • sick days
  • safety and harassment
  • reviews and evaluation


New employees should bring a void cheque or direct deposit information from their banking institution.

New employees also need to complete their tax forms:

Workplace familiarity

Introduce your new employee to their co-workers and have an orientation tour of the new work site. Include washroom, lunchroom, parking, building access, emergency procedures, and any other pertinent information that will help the new employee feel more at ease.

See Appendix E for an example.

Occupational health and safety

Review and understand the rights and duties of employers.

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