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Continuing Education Committee

Members of the Continuing Education Committee include:

  • Associate Provost, Academic (Chair)
  • Dean/delegate of Graduate Studies
  • Deans/delegates of faculties from units offering certificate programs
  • Director, Academic Planning and Operations

The CEC is responsible for approving, assessing and monitoring all non-degree programs offered by the university.

In reviewing new non-degree programs, the Committee takes responsibility for ensuring the academic quality of the proposal and the adequacy of the plan for resources to support it.

The Committee will be responsible for reporting all new non-degree programs to the appropriate standing committee (Graduate Studies Committee or Curriculum and Program Review Committee), which will in turn report these programs for information to Academic Council.

If you are a member of our current CEC, please visit the CIQE Workspace for Information Sharing and Collaboration (WISC) site for more information.