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Graduate Studies Committee

The Graduate Studies Committee (GSC), chaired by the Dean of Graduate Studies, is charged with maintaining the academic standards set by Academic Council and examining proposals for new graduate degree and non‐degree programs and major changes to existing programs and recommending their approval, as appropriate, to Academic Council. 

Under its terms of reference, the Committee also takes responsibility for:

  • Ensuring the academic quality of the proposal and the adequacy of the plan for resources to support it.
  • Looking for evidence that the proposal has emerged from unit-planning processes and will meet the standards established by relevant external bodies.
  • Encouraging, wherever possible, co-operation and consultation among academic units, including the promotion of complementary programming.
  • Identifying and addressing matters bearing on academic policy.

The GSC is also responsible for receiving and reviewing annual summary reports of all graduate curricular changes made by faculties at the end of the calendar year to ensure ongoing consistency and coherence in program offerings, and to facilitate the integration of the changes into the graduate calendar.   

For more information on the GSC, please visit the CIQE Workspace for Information Sharing and Collaboration (WISC) site.