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Services and miscellaneous expenses

Recruiting costs for research personnel, such as advertising and airfare for candidates, etc.

Costs for safe disposal of waste.

Costs for the purchase of books or periodicals, specialized office supplies, computing equipment and information services not formally provided by the institution to all its academic and research staff.

Costs of providing personnel with training and/or development in novel techniques required for the conduct of the research project.

Specialized courses with adequate justification.

Hospitality costs (non-alcoholic refreshments or meals) for networking purposes in the context of formal courtesy between the grantee and guest researchers, and research-related activities in the context of assemblies that facilitate and contribute to the achievement of the research objectives (e.g., grantee meeting with partners and stakeholders, guest researchers).

Costs of membership in professional associations or scientific societies, if necessary and justified for the purpose of the research program/project.

Monthly parking fees for vehicles specifically required for field work and only for month(s) when field work was conducted.