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Tri-council guidelines

Welcome to the Tri-Council guidelines section. Please note: Tri-Council updates their guidelines annually, so please review this website periodically for updates and or changes.

This list of examples is not exhaustive. If you have questions regarding compliance and eligibility, please contact the Research Accounting Representative for your department or go to the UOIT website.

General principles
  • Grant funds must contribute toward the direct costs of the research for which the funds were awarded.
  • The funds must be used effectively and economically, and the expenses must be essential for the research for which the funds were awarded.
  • Additional eligible and non-eligible expenses specific to a program are detailed in the agency's program literature.
  • In the absence of a written agency policy, the UOIT institutional policy (e.g., per diem rates for travel) is to be applied. In the presence of both an agency and an institutional policy, the agencies require compliance with the involved agency policy, recognizing that grantees may also have to comply with institutional policies.
  • The institution has the right and responsibility to withhold approval of expenses proposed by a grantee that contravene agency requirements or institutional policies.
Tri-Council guidelines by agency

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