National College Health Assessment (NCHA)

The NCHA is an online survey designed by the American College Health Association (ACHA) that has been in administered at schools across the United States since 2000, and more recently, administered in Canada. This secure and confidential survey examines a variety of topics including campus demographics, safety, violence, depression, suicide, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sexual behaviour, body weight, nutrition, physical activity, access to health information and health status.


Thank you to all the students who participated in the National College Health Assessment (NCHA). Prize winners have been notified via their email with instructions as to how to claim their prize! From January 29 through to February 15, 2800 UOIT undergraduate students were randomly selected to participate in the NCHA via their email.

The information gathered through this initiative will be used to help shape the future of programs and services at UOIT, directly benefiting UOIT students. Student responses will be compiled into a detailed report by the ACHA following survey close on February 15th, and will be provided to UOIT in Spring 2013. The university will then share the findings in relevant mediums with students, staff, faculty and the community.

For more information on the NCHA, please visit their website.