Student Mental Health Working Group

As a part of UOIT's commitment to student health and wellness, the Student Mental Health Working Group (SMH) was created to examine student mental health and well-being at the institution. Reporting to the Provost, this group was formed for the purpose of providing recommendations on the development, implementation and maintenance of a systemic approach to support the mental health and well-being for all UOIT students.

In an effort to increase their understanding of and identify the mental-health related needs of UOIT students, as well as form appropriate recommendations, the group will:

  • Consider national and international trends in mental health issues among post-secondary aged students;
  • Review best practices and relevant research;
  • Examine how mental health needs of students are currently being addressed and make recommendations to address gaps or make improvements;
  • Develop recommendations that target multiple levels of intervention and address interventions at the individual, group and campus levels; and
  • Ensure regular communication and consultation with the University community members;


  • Bill Muirhead – Co-chair (Associate Provost, Academic);
  • Donna Robbins – Co-chair (Director, Student Life);
  • Ellen Vogel (Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences);
  • Jennifer Laffier (Professor, Faculty of Education);
  • Jesse Cullen – Student (VP Student Affairs, Student Assocation);
  • Kellie Newberry (Academic Advisor, Faculty of Social Science and Humanities);
  • Olivia Petrie (Assistant Vice-President, Student Life);
  • Laura Thibeault (Aboriginal Counsellor and Outreach Officer, Aboriginal Resource Centre);
  • Kaitlyn Young (Project Assistant, Student Experience Centre); and
  • Cynthia Weaver – Community Member (Administrative Director, Ontario Shores).