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Accepted papers

Trust Management XII

Full Paper

Luis Sanchez, Erika Rosas and Nicolas Hidalgo. Crowdsourcing under Attack: Detecting Malicious Behaviors in Waze   

Victoria Lush, Jo Lumsden and Lucy Bastin. Visualisation of Trust and Quality Information for Geospatial Dataset Selection and Use: Drawing Trust Presentation Comparisons with B2C e-Commerce      

Mirko Tagliaferri and Alessandro Aldini. From Knowledge to Trust: a Logical Framework for Pre-Trust Computations

Ameneh Deljoo, Tom van Engers, Leon Gommans and Cees de Laat. The impact of competence and benevolence in a computational model of Trust

Neamah Al-Naffakh, Nathan Clarke and Fudong Li. Continuous User Authentication using Smartwatch Motion Sensor Data     

Dhiren Audich, Blair Nonnecke and Rozita Dara. Privacy Policy Annotation for Semi-Automated Analysis: A Cost-Effective Approach

Jasmin Kaur and Rozita Dara. A Comprehensive Keyword Analysis of Online Privacy Policies        

Christian Damsgaard Jensen and Michael Bøndergaard Nielsen. CodeTrust : Trusting Software Systems 

Short Paper

Pavol Zavarsky. Requirements on Access Management Systems for Compliance with Personal Health Information Protection Laws in Canada             

Kristina Milanovic and Jeremy Pitt. The Social Construction of ``Shared Reality" in Socio-Technical Systems

Stephen Marsh, Ada Diaconescu, Peter Lewis, David Evans, Tracy Ann Kosa and Sheikh Mahbub Habib. Public Privacy and Brick Houses Made of Glass      

Tosan Atele-Williams and Stephen Marsh. Towards a Computational Model of Information Trust