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My research interests consists of the following (more information to come):

  • Forensic entomology
  • Integrated pest management
  • Forensic ecology
  • Electroantennogram studies, couple GC-EAG
  • Decomposition VOCs in relation to insect attraction

Dr. LeBlanc's Research Facilities

Forensic Entomology Lab

This is a large Level 1 lab. Insect rearing, development studies, and tissue extractions are performed in this lab.

Instrumentation room

This lab holds the coupled GC-EAG equipment as well as TD-GC-MS.

Forensic Ecology Research Facility

This location is also referred to as the Decomposition Facility. Experiments involving the decomposition of vertebrates (pigs)

are conducted in this secure location. These experiments include the collection of entomological samples, tissue, soil, and much more.

It is quite a busy place in the summer time.