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REB-approved student research email request

You must ensure all the required steps with the REB have been completed and approved to send your study via mass email. 

Important: The REB approving your study and its contents does not mean they have approved the distribution of the study via mass email. They need to approve the email copy after it has been edited and vetted in full by the Student Life Communications team, not your original version. 

To send an REB-approved research email communication to any current students:
  1. Complete the email template in full.

  2. Send the completed template with your proposed copy to with your request.

  3. The Student Life Communications team will fully edit and vet your communication for the university's style guide and AODA compliance. We will then send it back to you for your approval. 

  4. You will then need to submit this final/clean copy back to the REB for final approval to distribute. When/if they approve, they will send us the change request approval. 

Please note: Your message must be finalized (no drafts), follow the university's style guide and be AODA compliantPlease allow at least five working days (one working week) for your request to be completed when selecting a delivery date.

View more information on creating REB-approved student research email messages and submitting requests.