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Student email

Student email accounts for call-to-action information only.

  • Follow the style guide and ensure copy is AODA compliant

  • Must provide exact parameters of the target group you would like to send emails to (e.g. undergraduate only, graduate only, faculty-specific, Years 3 and 4, etc.).

  • Keep messages short and concise (no longer than one page).

  • Select a pre-approved email header from the templates tab.

  • Use hyperlinks to direct information, where applicable.

  • Use bulleted lists to keep information short and concise.

  • Include the date to be sent, target audiencesubject linereply-to email address and area requesting deployment above the header, for context. 

  • Provide contact information at the beginning of the email, following the email template.

Data sets

We have pre-populated email lists (i.e. no extra turnaround time required) for:

  • All current students
  • All current undergraduate students
  • All current graduate studies students
  • All current professional (Bachelor of Education) students

If you require your email to be sent to a targeted/specific group not listed above (e.g. all Year 3 FEAS students only), the communications team can pull the list for you. 

Please indicate your audience clearly on the student email template.

4 to 5 working days.

The following types of communications are acceptable for student email:

  • Emergency
    • campus closures
    • impact to operations
    • threat on campus

  • Important information
    • registrar notifications
    • financial notifications
    • messages from the President and/or Provost

  • Academic
    • academic advising announcements
    • course-related announcements and events

  • Research
    • official university surveys
    • academic research