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Dr. Barbara Perry joins Rumneek Johal and Carol Eugene Park to discuss why Canada is not immune to white supremacy and the alt-right (March 2021)

Dr. Barbara Perry talks about the reach of the far right in Ontario at the 35:48 mark (February 2021)



Extremism In The Military And How To Root It Out (January 2021)

Dr. Hofmann joins Bill Kelly to discuss recent criticism levied against our research on right-wing extremism (January 2021)

Dr. Barbara Perry joins Alan to discuss far-right extremism in Canada at 11:45 mark (January 2021)

Dr. Barbara Perry discusses the rise of conspiracy theories and misinformation in the US and Canada at 25:00 mark (January 2021)

A Podcast Called INTREPID

Intrepid aims to build knowledge in the area of Canadian national security law and policy. Dr. Leah West, member of the RWE-CAF Research Network is one of the founding editors. Available free on iTunes and Google Play.