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Faces of Sustainability: Zowie Vonkalckreuth

Posted by Samira Khattak on February 26, 2018

Who are you and what do you do on campus?

My name is Zowie Vonkalckreuth, and I’m in my 4th year of studies at UOIT, in the energy systems engineering program. I am also the Asset & Sustainability Coordinator for UOIT. 

How did you get started in environmental work and how long have you been interested in it? 

I’ve always leaned towards studying engineering, particularly focusing on energy systems and sustainability. I took an environmental course in high school and was in my high school eco-club which really peaked my interest in studying alternative energies.

What could UOIT do to become more sustainable?

UOIT could implement a composting program in the cafeteria and residence. The compost could be used to fertilize plants around campus and at Windfields farm.

What’s your favourite environmental hobby or activity away from work? 

I like to go diving, and often when I’m visiting places like Honduras, I try to clean reefs by picking up garbage, such as plastic bags, tangled up in the reefs.

Who are your eco-heroes?

Al Gore, because he is open about his strong opinions and makes sure he’s heard.

How would you challenge UOIT students and staff to become less wasteful?

I would challenge them to avoid using plastic water bottles, and opt for reusable bottles instead. As well, use less paper and lean towards using technology to make notes on. Wheat-based paper or 100% recycled paper is another alternative that is more eco-friendly.

 What would you recommend to someone on campus who is interested in sustainability?

Join the Blue team! You could also volunteer at Windfield Farms, in the pollinator gardens, or participate in workshops and community gardening at school.

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