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Sustainability and academics

Sustainability courses

APBS 7200G: Special Topics in Ecosystem Health 
CHEM 4050U: Environmental Chemistry
CHEM 4070U: Fossil Fuels and Biomass
CDPS 3300U: Building Sustainable Communities
CDPS 3301U: Eco-Justice
CDPS 3302U: Environment and Globalization
ENGR 3260U: Introduction to Energy Systems
ENGR 3420U: Energy and Environmental Impact
ENGR 4480U: Emerging Energy Systems
ENGR 4994U: Thesis Design Project I
ENGR 4998U: Thesis Design Project II
ENGR 5014G: Pollution Prevention and Sustainable Engineering
ENGR 5275G: Design for Product End of Life
ENGR 5995G: Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Systems
ENVS 1000U: Environmental Science
ENVS 2010U: Introductory Environment Science
ENVS 3020U: Introductory Energy Science
ENVS 3110U: Economics and Politics of the Environment
MANE 4380U: Life Cycle Engineering
MECE 3260U: Introduction to Energy Systems
MECE 4430U: Sustainable and Alternative Energy Technologies
SSCI 1470U: Impact of Science and Technology on Society

Courses including sustainability 

BIOL 1020U: Biology II: Diversity of Life and Principles of Ecology
BIOL 1021U: Introduction to Organismal Biology and Ecology 
BIOL 3031U: Infection and Immunity 
BIOL 3610U: Comparative Zoology 
BIOL 3660U: Ecology
BIOL 4010U: Introduction to Environmental Research Methods
BIOL 4020U: Environmental Risk Characterization
BIOL 4030U: Advanced Topics in Environmental Toxicology
BIOL 4080U: Bioethics
BIOL 4610U: Field Biology
BIOL 4620U: Animal Behaviour
BUSI 1650U: External Environment of Management
BUSI 2620U: Business Ethics
BUSI 3360U: Health and Safety
BUSI 5020G: Ethics and Leadership
CHEM 4080U: Hydrogen-Based Energy Systems and Fuel Cells 
COMM 3720U: Communicating Diversity
CDPS 3101U: Inequality and Development 
CDPS 3102U: Culture and Community
CDPS 3200U: Rural-Urban Fringe
CDPS 3201U: Rural Communities
CDPS 3203U: Urban Development
CDPS 3500U: Equity Policy
CDPS 3501U: Poverty and Public Policy
CDPS 3600U: Education Policy
CDPS 3601U: Health and Public Policy
CDPS 3751U: Technology and Conflict
CDPS 3201U: Environmental Education
EDUC 3201U: Environmental Education
ENGR 3570U: Environmental Effects and Radiation
ENGR 3730U: Solar Energy Technologies
ENGR 3830U: Wind Energy Systems
ENGR 4410U: Fossil Fuel Energy Conversion
ENGR 4440U: Advanced Power Generation
ENGR 4460U: Nuclear Power Systems
ENGR 4470U: Hydrogen Power Systems
ENGR 4620U: Radioactive Waste Management Design
ENGR 4940U: Capstone Systems Design for Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering I. 
ENGR 4950U: Capstone Systems Design for Mechanical, Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering I. 
ENGR 5100G: Advanced Energy Systems
ENGR 5101G:Thermal Energy Systems
ENGR 5161G: HVAC and Refrigeration Systems Design and Analysis
ENGR 5223G: Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Methodologies
HLSC 1811U: Social Determinants of Health
HLSC 4802U: Public Health in Canada: Theory, Application and Challenges
HLSC 4803U: Global Health
HLSC 4809U: Environmental and Occupational Health
HLSC 4851U: Critical Perspectives on Health, Illness and Healthcare
LGLS 4040U: Law and Environment
MECE 4410U: Fossil Fuel Energy Conversion
MECE 4450U: Thermal Environmental Engineering
NUCL 1530U: Radiation and Nuclear Technologies
NUCL 4540U: Nuclear Steam Supply Systems
NUCL 5070G: Environmental Modeling
PHY 4040U: Solar Energy and Photovoltaics
PHY 4050U: Emerging Energy Systems
RADI 4995U: Thesis Project I
RADI 4995U: Thesis Project II
SCIE 1910U: Science in Context
SSCI 1220U: Introduction to Social Policy
SSCI 1210U: History of Science and Technology
SSCI 1300U: Social Problems
SSCI 2020U: Issues in Diversity
SSCI 2930U: Geographic Information Systems
SSCI 4097U: Community Connections
SOCI 1000U: Introductory Sociology