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Fair Trade at Ontario Tech


We are proud to announce that Ontario Tech University has been awarded a Fair-Trade Campus Designation by Fairtrade Canada, in recognition of the institution's dedication to promoting fairtrade practices and sustainability on campus.

What does Fairtrade mean to us?

It's more than just a designation—it's a commitment to support farmers who produce the crops we consume.

Fairtrade guarantees:
  • A minimum price and fair wages to farmers.
  • Improves working conditions for farmers
  • Improves living conditions of families in developing countries
  • Funds community development projects (health care, sanitation, schools and building vital infrastructure)
  • Sets standards to protect the environment through sustainable agricultural practices


Link to the full story here.


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These are some of the ways in which we are working on promoting Fair Trade at Ontario Tech:

  • Running a Fair Trade steering committee
    • Balanced membership of volunteers and administrative representatives on our steering committee.
    • Regular meetings to discuss goals, assess progress, and adjust fair trade initiatives.
    • Expanded variety of Fair Trade certified products on campus, encouraged others to meet criteria, and submitted annual progress reports.
  • Offering Fair Trade products at campus operated dining locations
    • Fairtrade coffee (Mountain View Estates & our own brand RIDGEBACK Brew).
    • Fairtrade tea (Numi Organic Tea).
    • Fairtrade chocolate bar (camino). 
      • Offering Faritrade Catering for our events
      • Parternering up with locally sourced caterers and providing Fairtrade products at our catered events.
  • Hosting, engaging and educational Fair Trade events
    • Handing out educational materials, Fair Trade products and teaching the community on the importance of Fair Trade (events: Sustainability Book Club, Fairtrade Month Awareness and giveaway).

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