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Sustainable Moveout Tips

With the end of another academic year upon us, which comes with both the excitement and the stress of moving out for many students. But worry not! the sustainability team has your back!

Check out these useful tips to not only make your moveout smoother but also more sustainable.

Tip #1: Plan your Move  

Give yourself the gift of time by planning ahead. Setting aside some dedicated time before your moveout date allows you to organize your belongings efficiently, making the transition smoother than ever.

Tip #2: Embrace Recyclable Boxes  

Say goodbye to buying expensive moving supplies! Many local grocery stores offer free cardboard boxes. Not only are they perfect for packing, but they're also eco-friendly and can be reused for future moves or storage needs.

Tip #3: Recycle Electronics Responsibly

Got old gadgets that no longer work? Don't let them end up in a landfill! Do your part by recycling your electronics and other e-waste like batteries at designated drop-off locations.

Tip #4: Give New Life to Unwanted Items  

Remember, one person's unwanted item can be another person’s treasure! Before you toss anything out, consider reselling, donating, or giving away items you no longer need. Not only does this reduce waste, but it also helps others in need.

Check out Durham Region's e-waste recycling program for resources and information on various locations. 


With these tips at your fingers, you'll be well equipped to handle your moveout with ease while contributing to sustainable practices. Let's keep our environment safe for the future generations!

Here are some resources in Durham Region that will accept donations of furniture, clothing and household items.

Clothing items: Back Door MissionMission Thrift Store.

Other Household Items: Furniture Bank - Community Development Council Durham