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Green Office program

The university's Green Office program will help support, foster and showcase staff and faculty initiatives, both big and small to create a sustainable office space.

The program will highlight your office's 'green' achievements and track progress while suggesting tips for areas of improvement to create a greener office space and support campus sustainability. 

Green Office Program Ambassadors for each department will be supported to learn, develop and share sustainability-related ideas and initiatives, contribute to making a positive impact on campus and receive a certification for their departments overall sustainability achievements.

How it works

  1. Designate a ‘Green Office Program Ambassador’ in your office to complete the easy online form; email with your Banner ID to gain access to the dashboard.
  2. Evaluate your department’s current practices and procedures and begin implementing new sustainable practices.
  3. Track your department's progress based on the Green Office program categories by updating the online dashboard.
  4. Your office will be certified based on number of points achieved.
  5. Continue to implement new initiatives and practices to improve your department's overall score.

Green Office program categories

  • administrative and culture
  • energy
  • purchasing
  • transportation
  • waste
  • well-being

Role of Green Office Program Ambassador

  • Act as main point of contact between department and the Office of Campus Infrastructure and Sustainability (OCIS).
  • Complete and update department’s online dashboard (at least once a year).
  • Share sustainability-related events, announcements and resources with department.

Participating departments

If you have provided your Banner ID to, you can access the Ontario Tech Green Office Dashboard.