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What is sustainability?

Sustainability means our needs are met, without jeopardizing future generation’s ability to do the same. Sustainability is a three-tiered thought process encompassing environmental well-being, social justice and economic prosperity.

Ontario Tech University is committed to ensuring that sustainability is reflected in our policy, planning and decision-making processes. As an institution of higher learning, Ontario Tech University values the opportunity to play a vital role in supporting principles of sustainability. The university seeks to be both a model and catalyst of change by demonstrating stewardship of the natural and built environment in a manner that is socially, environmentally and economically responsible.

Environmental sustainability

  • Earth’s environmental systems are balanced.
  • Natural resources are not overconsumed and are able to replenish themselves.
  • People make responsible decisions that minimize their negative environmental impact.

Economic sustainability

  • People and communities around the world have access to resources and finances to meet their needs.
  • Economic development happens without harming ecological health or social equity.
  • Secure sources of livelihood are available.

Social sustainability

  • Social justice is ensured.
  • Human rights and basic needs are universally met by all people.
  • Resources are in place and available to ensure families and communities are healthy.
  • People are protected by respecting personal, labour and cultural rights.