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What is Curriculog?

Curriculog is a web-based curriculum management system.

Why a curriculum management system?

As the university has grown and become more complex, our strategies for managing curriculum have become less efficient, with processes that are now unnecessarily paper-driven, overly complex and time-intensive. We are implementing Curriculog to eliminate and reduce many of the inefficiencies and inconsistencies.

Some key features

  • Integration with Acalog, the university’s calendar management system, allowing current curricula to be imported and edited, and then re-imported back to the calendar upon final approval.
  • Automated curriculum approval process that moves proposals from one step to the next, notifying users and tracking changes along the way.
  • Consolidated archive of proposals that includes a detailed history of changes and approvals, easily retrievable with a simple search function.
  • Automatic notifications about deadlines and reminders, changes to proposals and status updates, with preferences to tailor frequency and quantity of emails.

For questions, or for additional information about Curriculog, please contact

  • Timelines for implementation

    Phase 1: Testing 

    Commences September 2017

    • The Centre for Institutional Quality Enhancement (CIQE) receives all completed templates for review prior to Faculty Council submission.
    • CIQE tracks curriculum changes in Curriculog.
    • CIQE imports all changes with final approvals into the 2018-2019 calendars from Curriculog. Estimated publish date is June 1, 2018.

    Phase 2: Base training and implementation

    Commences summer 2018

    • Focused Curriculog user training and testing begins.
    • Trained users to submit curriculum changes through Curriculog.
    • Ongoing training and support available to the campus community.

    Phase 3: Advanced training and implementation

    Commences summer 2019

    • Implementation of additional Curriculog features.
    • Base and advance-level Curriculog training available to new and existing users.
    • Ongoing training and support available to the campus community.
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