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Major program modifications

Major program modifications are defined as those modifications that constitute a significant change to the design and delivery of an existing program.

The Quality Council defines major modifications to include the following program changes:

  • Requirements that differ significantly from those existing at the time of the previous cyclical program review.
  • Significant changes to the learning outcomes.
  • Significant changes to the faculty engaged in delivering the program and/or to the essential physical resources as may occur—for example, where there have been changes to the existing mode(s) of delivery (e.g. different campus location, online delivery, inter-institutional collaboration).
  • The addition of a new field to an existing graduate program. This modification is subject to an Expedited Approval. Note that institutions are not required to declare fields for either master’s or doctoral programs.

For additional examples of what would be considered a major modification, please see the Quality Assurance Handbook.