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Minor program adjustments

Minor program adjustments are defined as changes to degree requirements and/or learning outcomes that may require a plan for transitioning cohorts of students to meet different requirements over time, including:

  • The introduction of new required courses.
  • The deletion of required courses.
  • Other changes to degree requirements or program learning outcomes.
  • New academic requirements or changes to existing requirements.

For the policy and procedures associated with minor program adjustments, please see the Quality Assurance Handbook.

  • Minor program adjustments: Proposal briefs

    Proposal briefs for minor program adjustments must include the following documentation:

    • Summary of the proposed change, setting out the rationale and context for it.
    • Description of the ways in which the proposed change will enhance the academic opportunities for students, or the issues or challenges that the proposed change are intended to address.
    • If the proposed change involves students/faculty from other programs or courses, provide an account of the process of consultation with those units and measures taken to minimize the impact of the change on students.
    • Timeline for the implementation of the proposed change and transition plan for current students if applicable.
    • Analysis of the financial and enrolment implications.
    • Calendar copy and program maps for the proposed change that clearly highlight the revisions to be made to the existing curriculum.
    • Completed templates for all new courses and changes to existing courses that result from the change.

    To ensure you have all of the appropriate documentation, please fill out the Minor Program Adjustment template.