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Curriculum changes

Reporting requirements

All curricular items concerning academic programs must flow through the appropriate standing committee of Academic Council, and subsequently be reported to Academic Council for information or approval. This includes new degree programs and their associated regulations, new minors, specializations and concentrations, new diploma programs, new courses, and any deletions or revisions to these items.

Determining what type of curricular change you are making:

Type of change

Documentation required


Minor changes to course sequencing.






Course change template for minor curricular changes.


Changes to course titles and course descriptions.

Changes to courses numbers, credit weighting, lab/lecture/tutorial/other contact hours.

Changes to prerequisites/co-requisites, cross-listed courses, or credit restrictions.

Changes in design, instructional method, learning outcomes, teaching and assessment methods of individual courses.

Deletion of any courses.


New courses.


New course template for minor curricular changes.


New academic requirements.

Report brief for minor program adjustments.

Minor changes to degree requirements or learning outcomes.



Introduction/elimination of new options, such as co-operative education programs, internships, practical.







 Proposal brief for major program modifications.

Introduction/deletion of an undergraduate thesis or capstone project.

Introduction or deletion of an undergraduate thesis or capstone project.

Changes to courses comprising a significant (i.e. one-third) proportion of program.

Introduction/re-naming/elimination of fields minors and specializations.

Introduction of new diploma programs comprising undergraduate degree credit courses.

Introduction of new diploma programs comprising graduate degree credit courses.

Proposal brief for major program modifications.



New non-degree programs.

Please contact for assistance.

Introduction of new college-to-university transfer options:

  • Advanced Entry
  • Bridging options

Please contact for assistance.