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Guidelines for Appropriate Use of Funds

Guidelines for Appropriate Use of Grant Funds

The university is entrusted with the responsibility to ensure that research funds are used in accordance with the terms set out in the trust or funding agreement. The following diagram provides a general framework to assess expense eligibility of external grant spending.

General Directive

Grant expenditures must be essential for the research for which the funds were awarded and the benefits should be directly attributable to the grant;

  • Not normally be provided by Ontario Tech to research personnel;
  • In accordance with the funding agencies requirements and program specific literature and supported by documentation;
  • Funds must be used effectively and economically;
  • Paid for in accordance with the terms and conditions of Ontario Tech policy and procedure;
  • No personal gain to the researcher or any member of the research team.

Ontario Tech provides for indirect costs, such as the costs associated with facilities and basic utilities, the purchase and repair of office equipment, administration fees, insurance for equipment and research vehicles, professional membership fees and basic communication devices such as landline office phones.


The PI is responsible for authorizing expenditures from his/her grant account in accordance with the Agency's requirements and conditions of grants and with the institution's policies. No other party may initiate or authorize expenditures from an Agency's grant account without the PIs written delegated authority. All claims must have the PIs or delegate's signature. The signatures certify that:

  • All expenditures on the claim are for the purpose for which the grant was awarded;
  • All expenditures on the claim are eligible expenses;
  • All goods and/or services have been received;
  • The charges included have not been claimed for reimbursement from other sources; and
  • Reimbursement for expenditures received from other sources or institutions must be disclosed to the administering institution.

Reimbursement of Expenses Paid by Personal Credit Card

Researchers that are employees have the ability to obtain an Ontario Tech corporate card and are encouraged to do so. The Ontario Tech expense policy requires that certain expenditures (e.g. vehicle rental) be paid for with a corporate card. However, use of the Ontario Tech corporate card is not mandatory for many expenditures.

If an expenditure for reimbursement has been paid for by a personal credit card (i.e. non-corporate card), a copy of the original itemized receipt is required to support proof of payment.