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Travel and subsistence costs

Travel and subsistence costs (meals and accommodation) include reasonable out-of-pocket expenses for field work, research conferences, collaborative trips, archival work and historical research, for the grantee, research personnel, students and colleagues working with the grantee, and visiting researchers.

Air travel must be claimed at the lowest rate available, not to exceed full economy fare.

Travel cancellation insurance, seat reservation charges.

Safety-related expenses for field work, such as protective gear, immunizations, etc.

Entry visa fee (for grantees and/or research personnel) when required for the purpose of research.

Child-care expenses while a nursing mother or single parent is travelling, with the following restrictions:

  • The eligible cost for a single parent is limited to overnight child-care costs incurred while the grantee is travelling.
  • The eligible cost for a nursing mother who is travelling with a child is limited to the customary cost of child care and airfare if applicable. If travelling with a caregiver, travel and accommodation costs can be claimed in lieu of and up to the equivalent of child-care costs. The maximum claim is $1,000.

Travel health insurance for research personnel who do not receive any such benefits from their institution and/or other sources.

Relocation costs for eligible research personnel and their immediate family members (economy airfare, or cost of land travel, up to the equivalent of economy airfare).