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Retroactive expenses

Costs incurred between the date of the grant announcement on the agency's website and the effective funding start date of the grant.

Agencies will not assume any responsibility for any costs should a change in funding occur. These expenses are subject to approval at the discretion of the institution.

In exceptional circumstances, as determined in NSERC's sole discretion, NSERC will agree to consider the eligibility of certain retroactive costs that would be defined as costs incurred prior to the official start date of a grant.

The agency will not assume any responsibilities for retroactive expenses in the event that the project or expenses are not approved.

Retroactive expenses are evaluated on a case-by-case basis by NSERC in accordance with the four criteria below.

They must be eligible expenses as per the Program Guide for Professors under the Use of Grant Funds.

These expenses must be identified as Retroactive expenses and justification must be provided at the time of submission of the original application.

These expenses must relate to a project grant application which has been approved for funding.

The cost must be incurred between the submission date of the original application and the official start date of the approved project.