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What is Concur?

  • Concur Travel and Expense Management

    Concur is an automated, integrated online solution for expense management.

    All university employees are able to use Concur Expense for:

    • Reimbursement of any business-related expenses, in addition to travel expenses. Instead of manually completing separate request forms, employees will log into Concur to file all expense claim requests.
    • Tracking and reconciliation of MasterCard expenses.

    By leveraging Concur’s Expense platform, employees will benefit from time-saving and efficiency features such as:

    • receipts upload
    • simple approval process
    • status tracking

    Concur Expense offers a quicker turnaround on processed expense reports, with reimbursements direct-deposited into employee bank accounts in approximately three to five business days after approval. This means the employee will have access to their money faster; time and process efficiencies will also improve for both parties involved in the transaction.

News and Updates

  • New Visual Theme for Concur Travel and Expense - April 2024

    We will be updating the visual theme of your signed-in web experience for SAP Concur, starting Wednesday, April 10. After that date, the next time you sign into your SAP Concur account, you will see a refreshed look and feel.

    With the update, you’ll also get:

    • Improved design consistency
    • Inclusive, accessible design for everyone
    • Light Mode, Dark Mode, and high contrast theme options

    How do I change my SAP Concur visual theme settings on the web as of Wednesday, April 10?

    1. After signing into Concur Solutions, go to Profile Settings.
    2. Under Profile Options, click System Settings.
    3. Under Appearance Settings, use the drop-down to select your preferred theme and click Save.
  • New email address for Concur support - January 2024

    The Finance department has created a new email address,, to reduce email response time and streamline support requests for the university’s Concur expense management system.

    Use the Concur support email to submit questions about the Concur Profile Request Form, report workflow issues, submit approver changes, and receive support for any other Concur-related inquiries you may have.

    Note: If you’ve already sent your request to, you don’t need resend it to the new Concur support email address.

    For more information, contact

  • Payment confirmations now available - August 2023

    The Finance department has added a new feature to Concur. Expense reports for out-of-pocket expenses since April 1, 2023, now have a new payment status of Payment Confirmed.

    The payment confirmation file is loaded weekly on Fridays, and the status of your expense report will change to Payment Confirmed if the payment was processed by Accounts Payable.

    Reimbursements are paid via direct deposit in five to eight business days after finance approval.

    To receive email notifications when the status of an expense report changes, ensure you have enabled Email Notifications in Expense Preferences under Profile Settings

    Employees, delegates and approvers can review the payment details of Expense Reports in Concur. You can find payment details in the Report Details dropdown under Report Payments.

    The Finance department looks forward to implementing more user-driven features in the future.

  • New Concur User Interface - January 2021

    The university’s Concur expense management system has a new and improved user interface. 

    While most of your expense reporting activities will feel familiar, modernized elements within Concur will make these processes simpler and more intuitive. See the Concur new user interface document for details.

    The Finance department offers online group or individual training. Register for a training session. 

    For more information, contact

Training resources

To request a Concur account or Concur profile updates (e.g. additional fund/org/activity code access; change of department or approver, removal of fund/org/activity code access), complete the Concur Profile Request Form and email it to Full-time employees are set up automatically in Concur.

Users will receive a welcome package containing login information and training resources once their profile is set up.