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A research time stipend for a member of the chair's research team.

The salary of a faculty member other than the chairholder, or of anyone who is not a member of the research team.

Costs associated with the relocation of the chairholder and family other than those for travel and the transportation of household effects.

Insurance premiums on equipment and research vehicles.

Cost of technical services or supplies from a company owned by a faculty member who is eligible to apply for funding from any one of the three federal granting agencies.

Death benefits and any other discretionary benefit.

Discretionary severance and separation packages.

Passport and immigration fees.

Internet installation charges.

Monthly charges for telephone rental or connection or for PDAs.

Cost of connection or installation of telephone or other lines.

Costs associated with answering services and rental or purchase of cellular telephones or PDAs.

Costs associated with purchase of library books and of computer or other information services that are provided to all members of an institution.

Accommodation and meals while the chairholder is on sabbatical leave.

The travel costs of a chairholder's family or research team member from the home institution to the sabbatical location.

Cost of a teaching replacement while the chairholder is on leave.

Patenting expenses.

Costs associated with regulatory compliance, including ethical review, biohazard or radiation safety, environmental assessments or provincial or municipal regulations and bylaws.