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With each passing day, the worldwide demand for energy increases. New sources of energy, new methods of energy conversion, transportation and storage, and improved efficiencies in existing energy systems are desperately needed. Engineers who will play a major role in meeting the world’s energy needs, while protecting the environment, will be needed for many years to come.

Sustainability Today is the voice of sustainability issues for UOIT’s program in Energy Systems Engineering. The first stand-alone program of its kind in Canada, the Energy Systems Engineering program gives students the opportunity to study all forms of energy, including nuclear, solar, wind, hydro, hydraulic and fossil fuels, as well as more recent developments in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. Graduates of the program will become part of an elite group of next-generation professionals responsible for developing sustainable solutions that energize our world.

Contributors to the Sustainability Today blog include Dr. Daniel Hoornweg, Associate Professor, and students in the Energy Systems Engineering program.